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PES 2013 – PESEdit 13.3 Winter Patch Season 2019


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PESEdit 13.3 Patch 2019 For PES 2013 - Winter Edition

PESEdit 13.3 Patch 2019 Winter Edition

PESEdit 13.3 Patch 2019 Information :

  • Update All Winter Transfers 30/01/2019 
  1. Boating To Barcelona
  2. Higuan To Chelsea
  3. Morata To Atl. Madrid
  4. Fabregas To As Monaco .. And More
  • Fix All PESEdit 13.2 Dummy Players
  • Add New Faces & Kits Winter 2019
  • Update All Teams Squad Number
  • Fix All Previous Patch Errors
  • Add New Scoreboards / Balls / Gameplay
  • And More Suprises …

Necessary : Install PESEdit 13.0 & PESEdit 13.1 & PESEdit 13.2 Before Install This Patch

  1. mynh says

    Thank you so much admin! :*

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Your Welcome My Brother ^^

  2. shady says

    where is option file ?

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      All in One Bro ^^

      1. Lady says

        match doesnt open pls help

        1. Minosta4u Official says
          1. Lady says

            again doesnt open

  3. Terrys says

    match doesnt open pls help

    1. mynh says

      If you got a “Game has stopped” you should play Exhibition mode in UEFA Championship

  4. Lady says

    again doesnt open

  5. Sergio says

    some example players, from wolverhampton, come out gray without their respective hair and face

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Sorry Bro
      Download This Fix : http://soo.gd/Eu7m

      1. sergio says

        thank you, it is already solved, very good work.

  6. Angelo says

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Update Thnx Minosta4u

  7. Apiss says

    Please fix atletico madrid team…error to play this team..update denis suarez from barcelona to arsenal..tq

  8. ash says

    still no matthijs de light

  9. Carlos Lopez says

    Great work bro but in ML when you select spanish league, the second division gets crazy and mix premiership with la liga, and it’s impossible to play ML.

  10. Agustin says

    Hello I have a problem in legend mode when I save the game and close the game, when I return to the game the player’s face changes if you know how to fix it I would appreciate it, the rest is great. Greetings and thanks.

  11. Ikenna Awuzie says

    Please, help, The downloads links are not working for me.

  12. Juan Mar. says

    Please Minosta4u update pes 2013 13.4
    And link
    Mega Link
    Thank You


    Updated option file with complete january transfer.

  14. paul says

    please repair server busy.. all patch 13.1 13.2 and 13.3 server busy?

  15. Hasan A. Ali says

    There is no radar in the game please fix this problem
    and if you can give me a file to remove crowd because my pc is low end and the game is lagging because of it .

    1. just-try-to-help says

      = to restore radar =
      just delete file unnamed_297 in kitserver13 ==> pesedit-scroreboards ==> img ==> dt06.img.
      and don’t forget to backup file in case…
      hope this help..

    2. just-try-to-help says

      = use anti lag if game lag = (my pc speed only 1 ghz.).

      1- copy file in anti lag v1 to folder => pro evolution soccer 2013 => img.
      2- copy file in anti lag v2 to folder => pro evolution soccer 2013.
      (don’t forget to backup file).

      link => go to google and search : => pes 2013 dt lag => and you find website name konamiedit.blogspot.com.
      and there you find google drive or mediafire link. (only 19mb).

      hope this help.

  16. Diouf Zahid Adzikry says

    please add a new league,argentina league or poland league,or anything else,whatever you want

  17. Julián says

    Wooooow great patch gooo gooo gooo!!!

  18. Amir says

    When you update option file again?

  19. just-try-to-ask says

    Minosta4u, can you make pes 2013 dribble & movement like pes 2012. i mean change.
    because you have information about img file & you know how to edit & hack pes 2013.
    if i have information about img file, i will try to do it myself if that work. Can you do that???
    or give me the information about img file if you have. please…
    By the way, this is the first time i use your patch. Only 3.82gb tho & is worth..
    Because is Good & don’t have many error and enjoy to play.
    that it, thank you for the patch.

    ***** minosta4u – change your game for better experience.

  20. Predrag Milosavljevic says


    We spoke recently about fixing my problems in patch 13.2. I want to thank you for fixing ML problem, national teams problem and Championship problem. You did it very well. I have one question for you guys…..WHY DID YOU REMOVE RED STAR BELGRADE from Other European teams?????? The only reason i updated PES was because I read that you created Red Star in 13.1 patch. And now, when I replace any team from Other European teams with Red Star, patch 13.3 rolls back to 13.2 and i don’t have updated leagues including Championship.

    I’m hopping that you’ll help me soon!

    Best wishes,

  21. Diego Escobar says

    game doest open pls

  22. Rhicky says

    If the match is goes until penalties, I can’t see the result of penalties in the bottom interface. It’s just seen square white on the bar, so i don’t know how many im or my opponent kicked is fail or goal during penalties. Anyone know how to fix it ?

  23. Tung Nguyen says

    When I play the game, I can not see the radar screen although I set up the radar in “bottom” position. Please help me to fix it

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