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PESGalaxy PC-Patch 2018 1.00 RELEASED 23/11/2017 Patch 2018 1.00

- 5 new completely licensed Bundesliga teams
- Now including complete Bundesliga with correct logos, kits (Beta), team settings and squads
- Detailed player strip styles for Bundesliga players (boots, socks, tapes, etc.)
- Updated stats for many Bundesliga players on the basis of Football Manager 2018
- The 4 missing CL Teams (Celtic FC, NK Maribor, Qarabag Agdam und Apoel Nikosia) with correct logos, kits, team settings and squads
- Fake players of the Campeonato Brasileiro replaced or correctly renamed
- Team initials updated (e.g. Schalke: SLK -> S04)
- Team nationalities updated (e.g. Bayern: Macedonia -> Germany)
- Stadium names, rivals and stadium banner labelings added and updated
- Stadium pictures for all leagues and national teams added (except AFC CL)
- Stadium designs for Bundesliga and European national teams updated (seat colour and nets)
- Kits for Serie B and La Liga 123 added
- Quality for many kits improved
- All national team kits from earlier version updated and WC kits for Germany, Spain and Belgium added
- Minifaces (Formation pictures) for new Bundesliga teams
- 27 new Tattoos (now 39 in total)
- Adboards (global and Bundesliga teams)
- Goalsongs, Scoreboards (BPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, SKY Fantasy) and 5 additional Master League pressrooms added to the Switch
- Ballpack consisting of 42 balls added
- Logos updated or fixed (Birmingham City, Besiktas JK, Vitesse Arnheim, Parma Calcio)
- Last Live Update and Data Pack 2.0 implemented
- Completely licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A, LIGA NOS and La Liga with correct team names, logos and kits
- Serie B and La Liga 123 with correct team names and logos
- Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and classic teams replaced or correctly renamed
- Kits for all national teams added
- Stadium banner labelings, rivals, coaches and homegrounds incl. pictures for coaches and stadiums for many teams
- Minifaces (Formation pictures) for Premier League, Bundesliga and Classic teams
- Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 21 ML press rooms, Replay wipes and controller button graphics (XBOX, PS)
- Teams sorted alphabetically in their respective leagues
- online compatible

Credit : See credit.txt

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