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PES17 In-Game Scoreboard Switcher v3 by Ginda01

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PES17 In-Game Scoreboard Switcher v3 by Ginda01

  • Change scoreboard without closing your game
  • You can add as many scoreboards as you want
  • Fix bugs


  • If you want SCOREBOARD PACK, you must install v2, then install v3
How to:
  • Install to your PES 2017 directory
  • Run game from tools
  • While ingame, press key to switch and apply scoreboard
Password: HalaMadridYNadaMas

Special thanks to juce & nesa24
Abdelaziz, Aziz Setiono, ErickTuts, Hyundath, matservant and all scoreboard maker
– Tell me if I miss some credit, because I download scoreboard from pack.

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