PES 2016 PTE Patch V1.0 + Extras

Download PES2016 PTE Patch Update 1.0


- Bundesliga fully licensed - Correct squads, lineups, names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
- Premier League fully licensed - Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
- Championship fully licensed - Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
- Liga NOS fully licensed - Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
- U.S. Sassuolo fully licensed
- Transfers, lineups and numbers updated - Attention that, the transfers are not all made, we just use players that are already in the game. More to come after the Live Update be decrypted.
- Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams
- Real logos and names for all the unlicenced leagues and competitions
- Improved boots and glooves quality
- Unlocked 10 balls & added 8 new balls, including: Ordem3 EPL, Ordem3 Serie A, Ordem3 LFP, Pro Ligue 1 OMB, Ordem2 CBF 2015, Torfabrik, etc.
- Correct icons and radar colors for all the kits added (except for the American, Asian & African National Teams)
- Sleeve bagdes added for Premier League, Championship, Serie A & Liga NOS
- New selector tool by Ginda - special version for PTE Patch - Includes a Pitch mode and SweetFX switch
- Patch compatible with the Greek and Russian languages.
- Patch compatible Online - You can choose between "Default Online" mode or "Licensed Online" mode in the selector

NOTE1: The "Moreirense" Away kit and the "Koln" GK kit are not in the patch
NOTE2: Leverkusen dont have real fonts and numbers
NOTE3: All this will be updated in the next patches

Download Links :

- Stadium Pack by Estarlen Silva (Adapted version for PTE Patch):

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- Is not necessary have the previous versions of the patch installed
- If you find some error, please report 
- Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work. 
- Don't use any of our work without permission

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