PES6 Full Update For Season 2016

 PES6 Full Update For Season 2016 by micano

-Updated faces
-Add Copa America stadiums 2015 HD
-Add more than 10 new kits 2015/2016
-Update teams emerging to 2015/2016
-All Transitions 2015/2016

STEP 01 Download & INSTALL PES6 Patch For Season 2016 V1 HERE
STEP 02 Download PES6 Full Update HERE or HERE
STEP 03 Unzip - Copy kitserver Folder & Paste in Game Folder 
STEP 04 Download Option File HERE


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Site Minosta founded by some game lovers of PES cramming supply game lovers of PES with all the updates and necessary for the development of the game and additions to make it more fun and competitive environment, the site offers patches of the game as well Option File also offers lessons for the game and for some problems the common solutions and also provides a last resort update for FIFA allocates special corner of games.

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